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The choice of boat depends solely on your needs, wishes and preferences. There are four types of yacht charter in Croatia: sailing boats, catamarans, gulets and motor yachts.

Understanding what a particular type of boat is offering is very important for a proper boat selection.

Sailboats are the most popular type of yacht charter suitable for family vacations as well as active holidays. Sailing management requires skill and long experience. Sailboats are slower than catamarans and motor boats and are a great choice for anyone who has a lot of time to explore the Croatian coast and its islands.

If for your vacation the most important comfort, spaciousness and stability of the sea is the catamaran rental is the right choice for you.

Whether you prefer more engine power compared to wind power, choose to rent a motor yacht. Motor yachts are the ideal choice for anyone who likes speed, strength and want to quickly reach the selected destination.

Gulets are crewed yachts and are the ideal choice for anyone who wants to enjoy all the benefits of the Croatian coast without taking account of boat or meal management. These wooden sailboats offer the perfect combination of excitement that offers sailboat and the comfort of large ships.

Catamarans are generally more expensive than sailing boats and if you can afford to rent a catamaran we certainly recommend it for several reasons.

Catamarans offer twice as much space and stability as sailing boats. If you book a catamaran you will get enough space, comfort and privacy so these boats are great for families and larger groups. Catamaran stability is of paramount importance to people suffering from sea sickness. It is important to note that the catamarans are faster and sailboats because even though they are gliders they can sail at great speed.

Boarding on the boat is possible on Saturday between 17 and 18 hours. It takes several hours to get the ship ready for new guests, the ship needs to be thoroughly cleaned from inside and outside, and if necessary technical interventions need to be carried out. However, if the ship is ready, the boarding will be possible earlier.

Departure from the ship is Saturday to 8 o’clock. Some charter companies require the return of the ship to the base already on Friday afternoon in order to check out the procedure could be done on time. Guests after their check out procedures have the right to sleep on a boat and need to disembark on Saturday morning until 9 o’clock.

  • Own clothing and footwear (light clothing and footwear, hat, swimsuit)
  • Out of things (sunglasses, spare contact lenses if you wear them, mask, fins)
  • High hygiene (sun protection cream, protective cream for insect bites …)
  • Personal documents (identity card, passport, license, voucher)
  • First aid and medications (against nausea, high temperature and allergies)

According to Croatian law, diving is strictly forbidden unless you have a valid diving license issued by the Croatian Diving Association. You can apply for a diving license if you have a diving license issued by one of the internationally recognized diving companies (IDD, UDI, CMAS, MDEA, PADI …).

If you wish to engage in fishing activities during the sailing season, please note that the Croatian law requires that you have a fishing license.

You can get a license in all sports-fishing companies across our coast and you need to present a personal ID or passport to get a permit.

Fishing is prohibited in the area of national parks and nature parks.

The connection price depends on the length of the boat. The connection price varies in different marinas across our coastline and is determined by the current price list for the current year.

Please bear in mind that the price for a catamaran is twice as big as compared to a boat of the same length. You can find more information about marinas on

The official national currency in the Republic of Croatia is HRK (HRK). Although some restaurants and shops also accept eures as a means of payment, please note that the official currency of the Republic of Croatia is kuna.

You can get a weather forecast at the nautical marina reception desk. You can monitor the forecast on certain VHF channels in English and up to several times a day in the summer months.

Of course, you can carry small household appliances like a hairdryer with you on board, since all yachts have a seaplane accessory but you need to be rational with their use. It’s important to note that you can only have 220 V of electricity when you are in the marina. Only yachts that have a generator have an el.napon of 220V and during the voyage.

Mobile chargers can be used with a standard 220V socket when connected to the power supply. When you are at sea there will be a car charger that can be plugged into a 12V cigarette lighter

Most of the Adriatic Sea is covered by the mobile telecommunications signal.

All ports of nautical tourism in Croatia have secured parking spaces for their guests.

Parking is not free and costs about 1 Eur per vehicle / day.

You can buy all the necessary groceries at a number of supermarkets close to the marina or smaller shops within the marina.

Yes, you can send the order and the charter staff will make purchases for you immediately before your arrival.

As a rule, pets are not allowed (dogs, cats, birds and the like) on board except in cases where such a case permits a prior agreement.

If your charter staff is still allowed to stay and your pet on board, please note that in this case you will have to pay double cleaning.

We are at your disposal for any additional questions or doubts, all you need is to send us your inquiry via mail and you will receive our reply as soon as possible.