Kornati archipelago

The Kornati archipelago with 140 islands in a sea area of about 320 square kilometres (124 sq miles), is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. The name comes from the largest island Kornat.

In 1980, the 109 southernmost of the 140-odd islands, islets and reefs of the Kornati archipelago were declared a National Park Kornati, protecting the islands and their marine surroundings.

There are no permanent settlements there. Simple houses in well-protected coves such as Vrulje, Kravjačica, Lavsa are used by mainland landowners as temporary shelters.

The most numerous animals are sea-gulls. There are also some lizards, ring-snakes, 69 varieties of butterflies, some amphibians and rodents. Vegetation on the islands is very sparse maquis.

About The Location

The Kornati archipelago is located in the northern part of Dalmatia, south from Zadar and west from Šibenik in the Šibenik-Knin county.

You can reach it only by boat. Book your boat from Carpe Diem Charter. If you don’t have sailing license you can also rent a skipper to take you there.

Sailing, snorkeling, diving, swimming, hiking.

  • shallow channel Mala Proversa
  • oval-shaped Taljurič island
  • Špinuta Bay
  • Stivina Bay
  • island Levrnaka (the fourth largest)
  • karst rock-area Tarac
  • Svršata
  • Vela island
  • Mana island
  • Piškera island
  • Panitula Vela island,
  • the picturesque Lavsa Bay
  • resort island Ravni Žakan
  • Smokvica Vela island
  • Opat peninsula
  • Samograd island
  • Purara reserve for marine life
  • Vrgada
  • Gangarol islands

For more info visit Kornati National Park web site www.np-kornati.hr

Map of the Kornati archipelago